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We are so sure you're going to be blown away by Tether that we'd like to offer you a free 7 day trial. Just follow the instructions below and if you like it please purchase a copy, no re-installation required.

  1. Download Tether on your BlackBerry by opening the following URL with your BlackBerry device, from the browser:
  2. Download and install Tether to your PC by clicking on the link for your operating system:
  3. Please disable all wireless network connections and run our software Tether on both the PC and the BlackBerry and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you are seeing an error for "No Available Port", this means you need to set the correct APN and make sure all permissions have been granted to Tether on your BlackBerry device. Click Here to help you set it up. Please note, some carriers may charge extra for using their APN.

If you want to connect via Bluetooth you will need to pair your device. Follow these instructions to pair your device:

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